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Online 1:1 Wellness and Self-care Treatments

What does this involve?

* Consultation.

* Assessment - Range of Movement.

* Understanding your pain and your body.

* Work on Posture.

* Teaching of Self Massage to release muscular Tension.

* Opening the body and improve Rang e of Movement.

* Learn stretches and strengthening exercises.

* Acupressure.

* Meditation and Breath Work.

* Personalised Treatment Plan.

* One to One Support.

£45.00 - 45 minute treatment

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Online Corporate Wellness Sessions 

Supporting your Employees Health and Well-being 

A great investment to show your staff how much you value them and care for their Well-being.

Supporting employees who are working remotely.

Providing a platform and safe space for Staff to connect with other team members.

Not everyone working from home has an office space designed to support good posture and ergonomics. Spending long hours at a computer, attending zoom meetings and conference calls or whatever your line of work, it is so important to make sure your posture is not compromised or stressed. When this occurs, it can lead to Muscular Skeletal Pain, Stiffness, Reduced Mobility and Muscle Fatigue.

What does this involve?

* Calm, Relaxing and Effective

* Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly Targeted group sessions for the following:

*Headaches; Neck and Shoulder Pain; Arm and Wrist RSI [Repetitive Strain Injury]; Lower Back Pain  and Stress and Chronic Pain.

* Assessing Range of Movement.

* Work on Posture.

* Teaching of Self Massage to release muscular Tension.

* Opening the body and improve Range of Movement.

* Acupressure.

* Learn stretches and strengthening exercises.

* Meditation and Breath Work

What are the Benefits?

* Calm the nervous system.

* Improve and maintain good range of motion and mobility.

* Improve and strengthen Posture.

* Improved mental health

* Reduce Pain.

* Increase Productivity

* Personal Wellness

40 minutes @ £7.00 per person minimum of 5 to a maximum 15 people per group session

Contact me to arrange a Free Taster Session

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